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Beast from the East


Om de vrijdag van 01:00 tot 03:00 uur

‘Beast from the East’ is a show dedicated to alternative and underground music of various genres with frequent live performances happening on the show. Program was initialised in Late 2016 by Amir Bolzman and Kacper Ziemianin, who met at the Institute of Sonology. Recently Amir has left the Hague and so the show is currently presented by Kacper alone, who is in search of a new beast.

Things you can expect on ‘Beast from the East’: live electronic/experimental music sessions by local musicians, selection of alternative music, ranging from dark ambient, noise, black metal, IDM, trip-hop, noise step, jungle, break core, abstract hip-hop, contemporary classic, avant-garde and many more.

Musical genres that you are unlikely to encounter: house, pop, trap, country, folk.